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If you have any suggestion or advice in regard to our school, feel free to contact us at or just drop your comments below so we can improve and be better. Once again thank you for all your supports!

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8 Responses

  1. Firstly, the work done is good.

    But to ensure a better performance please double check the person/teachers martial status and the way they are being address.

    For example the teacher is married and you call them using their maiden surname please use Mdm instead of Mrs.

    This is because I notice that for example: Puan Chong or Puan Ee, are their maiden surname (their father’s surname) when you call them Mrs Chong or Mrs Ee, that means they married to their father.

    As far as I know Puan Ee is known as Mrs Koh.

    Please amend those names immediately.


    Juliana Goh

  2. Thanks for your brilliant suggestion! We will improve it.

  3. Its great for the school to have this web log. It is certainly useful especially for parents to be informed of the happenings at school. Keep up the good work!.

    I have 2 suggestions as follows:

    Do consider stating the subject(s) taught by the teachers concerned so the parents can identify them easily.

    Is it possible to list the activities that took place and/or are planned for the year?


  4. Thanks for your suggestion on the blog! Thank you! We will work to improve it. About your co-curriculum activities information please view the “Information page” or “yearly Schedule Sheet page” for your information needs.

  5. I am very glad that you have changed the Mrs to Mdm for those ladies teachers.

    I guess you all are too keen to make things right that you have overlooked a few parts.

    1. Mdm Chong Dee Chin – there are 2 Mdm Chong Dee Chin
    2. Mr Chee Yu ook – Correction guys, just for a joke how would you like to have your name changed?

    3. Please double check with your teacher/(s) for their name/(s) okay. I am sure you can do it. It is better to be correct then to offend them. Secondly, during my time the short form for Binti is Bt, Haji is Hj and Mohd is Md. Please do double check with your teacher okay.

    4. Schedule sheet – when I enlarge it to view I can only view 4 columns but actually there are 5 columns. Maybe you can adjust it.

    5. May I ask is there anyone proof reading your blog?

    Least but not last, Do keep up the good work!!!

    Juliana Goh

  6. Thanks for all the suggestions here. Sorry for the slow performance these few months because the only one who is doing all these is just me. I really want to recruit someone to help me. Plus i need to worry about study and exams that always popping out.

    I have fixed some typo errors and done some updates. Regarding the audience who are reading. This school blog is official but not many know but the PIBG know only i think..

    Maybe I will do some promotion on social network to recruit reader. Without any official reader we can still manage to get 700+ reader is not quite bad.

  7. Who is smksm??
    Do you study in our school??
    Why put yourself as smksm and not your real name??
    The website is nice…
    But Don’t have much infomation…
    Keep up the good work…
    There’s always room for improvement !!!

  8. Happy New Year 2009 to all!
    I suggest putting up statistics for each subject and overall perfomrance of our students who sat for the recent 2008 PMR examination and/or yearly comparison. The names of the top scorers may also be mentioned to motivate them further and as an inspiration to the other students.

    Keep up the good work.


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